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CookBook Bulletin Board

News about cookbook collecting, catalogs and interest groups.

Random Notes

Jean Anderson, author of 'The American Century Cookbook:The Most Popular Recipes of the 20th Century" (lots of food history)was interviewed on NPR's 'Fresh Air' program on February 11. There may be a transcript on NPR's web page:

New from Jan Longone, proprieter of The Wine and Food Library has come out with a new catalog entitled,'20th Century Community/Charity Cookbooks'. 24 page list, 330 charity cookbooks, 1915-1997 for sale at a 25% discount to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Wine and Food Library. Please send SASE with $0.78 postage to:Jan Longone, 1207 West Madison Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48103.

The McIlhenny Company (Tabasco Sauce)is offering a free booklet called, "Compiling Culinary History:A creative Guide to Crafting a Community Cookbook". Send a SASE to : Compiling Culinary History,c/o Hunter & Associates, 41 Madison Ave., NY,NY, 10010-2202.

Sandy Oliver, editor of 'Food History News' is now offering a line of Food History Products. Items include pearlash, saleratus, spruce essence, isinglass, irish moss, and more. For more information contact Sandy Oliver or Eric Paige at: or (607)264-8056.


When you stand in a dark room and break a Life Saver in half and it sparks, this is an example of triboluminescence, "luminosity induced by friction."