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With their feet on the accelerator and tongues firmly in cheeks, Chris Maynard and Bill Scheller have created the definitive guide to the little used cooking technique of cooking on your car engine. Published in 1989,it not only includes such recipes as Hyundai Halibut with Fennel (wrap in foil, place on engine and drive approx. 50-85 miles)but everything I ever want to know about my car's engine.

What's This About ?!?!

Gee, if only I'd taken that job at Jiffy Lube. You've got to have this to go on the ultimate road trip, both a cookbook AND engine service guide. Here's their cooking tip for Corned Beef Hash:"As malleable as baked beans but not as prone to leakage, hash is at its car-cooked best when you spread it into a flat foil package and do it up brown atop an injector housing that gets fairly hot. Foil-wedge for security, and turn once for uniform crisping. Now if only you could poach an egg somehow..."

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