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Jack & Mary's Jell-O Recipe Book

This 23 page booklet was published by General Foods in 1937 used as an obvious tie-in with the very popular NBC radio show. On the inside page, "Jack and Mary Go To a Kitchen Party", by using a comic strip format, describe some of their favorite recipes listed in the booklet. Cut-out figures of Jack Benny and Mary Livingston appear throughout commenting on Jell-O, color photographs of various recipes are numerous. RECIPES INCLUDE: Prune Whip, Fruit Symphony, Grapefruit Olivia Salad, Chicken Salad Mold, Cabbage Apple Salad.

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Jack Benny: Why is Jell-O like a watch that's been dropped on the floor?

Marry Livingston: That's too easy! It dosen't have a crystal in it!